Pre Rolls

Pre Rolled 5 Pack Blunts

Enjoy 5 amazingly bar'd blunts with 1 gram of house flower in each for only $20!

Premium SFV Cone

SFV perfectly rolled and ready to smoke!

Premium Gelato Cone

Gelato perfectly rolled cone ready to spark and enjoy!

Kief & Wax Bar

Kief & Wax Bar's are Cannaisseur's Best Friend! Layered in Kief, Top Shelf Sauce, Live Resin, Caviar, Budder, & More.... This little ripper will last at least 30 minutes and it will be the smoothest, best tasting, heaviest hitting blunt you will ever smoke! We can't wait for you to try one! Each is rolled to order with care and attention to detail. Nothing less than a 5 star smoking experience is expected here! PS: Don't worry... If you can't finish the whole thing, it comes with a the smell proof tube to store until your next session! Happy Smokin' ;D

Pre Rolled Blunt

Perfectly Rolled Bar Of House Flower!

Premium Fire OG Cone

Fire OG perfectly rolled and ready to smoke.

Premium Train Wreck Cone

Train Wreck Cone perfectly rolled and ready to smoke.